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Self Service Anywhere (IVR Services)

Do your customers get frustrated when they call you because they can’t find what they need quickly? Customer service must be available 7x24x365 to accommodate today’s always-on, connected and tech-savvy customers. Without the ability to handle customer requests after hours, or when live agents are busy assisting other customers, service levels would surely plummet. Every phone call is an opportunity for you to improve your service record. One of our Managed Contact Centre Solutions, Self Service Anywhere uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and speech recognition to improve the customer experience by offering easy to understand self-service options for your phone system. You save time and money, and your customers get better service.

Your people are a precious commodity. So why waste their talent and time on tasks that technology can cover? Directing calls, changing addresses, general inquiries and transactions can all be self-managed by your customers with Self Service Anywhere.

Features and Benefits
  • Choose from a range of applications that automate routine tasks
  • Customize your solution to suit your business with industry-specific solutions including finance, retail, health care, utilities and travel
  • Choose to own or pay based on usage for a hosted or managed premise-based solution
  • Automate routine, low-value calls to free up employees for business-critical tasks
  • Reduce costs per transaction while improving service over the phone
  • Provide 24/7 service for basic self-service tasks
  • Voice mail by Emails

IVR is an effective and convenient channel for communicating with your customers. Calls are answered by our automated systems, giving callers a series of friendly voice prompts, which allow users to navigate through the call and leave or retrieve information. Our carrier grade platform has the capacity to handle hundreds of calls a minute, making it perfect for mass-call applications. 

We offer a hosted and managed service for telephony applications built on our award-winning IVR platform.

Infosat Delivers:
  • Hosted PSTN service numbers
  • Unique mass call capability
  • Rapid deployment at a lower cost
  • Redundancy with no single point of failure
  • Audio recording and transcription services
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for self service
  • Standard telephony applications
  • Custom built applications
  • Optimize contact center personnel and ensure premier customer experience
  • Utilize capabilities of Hosted IVR, independent of carrier
  • Host the application in Infosat's hosting centers, in your location, or at a hosting center of your choice
  • Purchase Hosted IVR based on the number of ports or minutes of use you need to reflect changes in seasonal calling patterns
  • Eliminate costly capital expenditures required to augment your network in order to satisfy seasonal peaks and valleys
  • Monitor and track customer interaction flows to enable proactive updating of business strategies as customer needs change
  • Eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment to accommodate seasonal call volume peaks and valleys
  • Eliminate long turnaround times when adding capacity or modifying applications






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